INADA Massage Chairs


Welcome to the World's Best Massage Chair since 1962!

In 1962, INADA invented the world’s first automatic massage chair. In the next 47 years, Inada went on to pioneer virtually every major massage innovation to reach the market, including the first spinal roller, the first use of air cells for massage, and the first infrared pressure point detection system. Inada is famous for its quality. Each new chair model is rigorously tested for the equivalent of 20 years of regular use before it is released. INADA is also the only massage chair company whose product development is 100% led by professional massage therapists. Still Made in Japan. Always Enjoyed in Canada. 









The Dreamwave by Inada

The successor to the most comprehensive Massage Chair in the world, the Dreamwave enhances natural healing and wellness through the power of shiatsu massage and sublime relaxation. The result is a truly transcendent experience that promotes health and reduces stress.







The Duet by Inada

The Duet, with its two engines, finally addresses the differences between the structures of the upper and lower body. The solution comes from a proprietary “Dual Harmony” system, acheiving a massage with separate upper and lower mechanisms and the comfort of a Zero Gravity Recliner.



The Fusion by Inada

While the Fusion is the most advanced stretching and posture correcting chair in the world, it has managed to avoid feeling mechanical by maintaining the elegance and finesse of the Dreamwave. This has created
an extraordinary fusion of stretching and massage that has to be experienced to be believed.


Still Made in Japan. Always Enjoyed in Canada.