The Inada Fusion 3s Massage Chair

Life Enhancing Massage + Increased Flexibility

With its patented massage movements, the Inada Fusion 3s massage chair is uniquely designed to alleviate joint stiffness and back pain.

As the only massage chair in the world to combine gentle stretching movements with Japanese shiatsu massage techniques, Fusion may help increase your range of motion and restore the natural, healthy curves of your back.

Product Information

4 Comprehensive Healthcare Programs + Manual Mode – designed by professional massage therapists that follow specific patterns of shiatsu massage to relieve major tension with personalized strength and accuracy.

Warm-up and Cool-down Massage Programs
Soft Leather in Hand Massage Components
More massage coverage: Long stroke (69 cm) and cross-wise reach (20cm) for more coverage
3D massage Mechanism – Controlled by the remote, the rollers can move in 3 dimensions; either pushed out for a deep-tissue massage, or retracted for a less intense experience.
Four Seesaw Rollers & Ultra Slow System – Body weight is evenly distributed over four points to prevent lumpy, uneven massage strokes. Furthermore, the ultra slow system moves the rollers slowly over knotted tension, employing a firm massage and stripping knots effectively.
Air Cell Massage and Embrace – Provides gentle massage and grips the shoulders for more effective stretching and deeper roller massage.
Designed by massage professionals
Automatic Shiatsu Point Locator – Shiatsu points vary from person to person depending on body type. The Optical Sensor Automatic Shiatsu Point Locator System uses infrared technology to accurately map the body, adjust the rollers accordingly and accurately perform a more customized massage based on your unique pressure points.
Advanced Therapeutic Programming / Industry-University Joint Research – Inada constantly strives for massage excellence in bold and innovative ways




Power Consumption 130W (with heater on), rated power consumption of heater: 16W
Electrical Requirements 15A, 120V
Installed Dimensions (Width/Depth/Height) Upright: 33 x 50 x 29’’ (83 x 128 x 106 cm)
Reclined: 33 x 73 x 42’’ (83 x 185 x 73 cm)
Boxed Dimensions/Weight Carton: 59 x 38 x 26” (200 lbs)
Recline Angle Approx. 115° – 165° from floor level – automatic, continuous motion
Massage Stroke Range Approx. 69 cm vertically, 29 cm horizontally
Leg Rest Adjustment Range 8.7” (22 cm)
Weight 75 kg (165 lbs)
Outer Covering Synthetic Leather
Colours Black, Ivory, Espresso
Included Accessories AC cord, Buffer Pad, Shiatsu Balls x 2, Remote Control Pocket, Operating Guide, Screw Set, T-Shaped Wrench