Real Wood Canadian Made Saunas

     Congratulations on your interest in our Canadian Made Real Wood Saunas. We only recommend and sell Canadian-Made Saunas from KNOWN and established manufacturers, who actually manufacture their own product in Canada. We don't recommend products from UNKNOWN manufacturer's that are distributed by Marketing Companies who just put their name on the product. UNKNOWN manufacturer's sell their product through websites, TV and in BIG Box Stores. KNOWN manufacturer's sell their Saunas through Authorized Retailers who are trained in parts and service, assembly and installation and who will stand behind the product.

   Your Sauna ownership experience will be much more rewarding if you invest in a properly made Sauna from a legitimate Manufacturer!



Want to know what makes our Saunas unique? Watch this interesting in-store Sauna video presentation with Stephen Legge:

     We offer a wide selection of quality Canadian-Made Saunas for all your health needs. We carry Infrared Saunas, Traditional (Dry and Wet) and Dual Saunas, and Steam Baths. We also carry Outdoor Cabin and Barrel Style Saunas available with electric or wood burning options. All of our Saunas are manufactured with real, solid chemically untreated wood with the highest quality heaters and electronic components to ensure that your Sauna is a natural health oasis that you can enjoy for years to come! We welcome the opportunity to work with you to help you chose the Sauna that meets your health and wellness needs.










Considered to be the Ultimate Detoxification Chamber, the Muskoka Series Dual-Walled Surround Heat Sauna landmarks the summit of Infrared Sauna technology.  




With its beautiful complete glass front, the Kawartha Series Dual-Walled Saunas invites users to a truly panoramic Infrared Sauna experience like no other.





Prized for its ease of operation and portability, the Algonquin Series Saunas takes a step towards simplicity and affordable elegance.