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Since 1974, Thumper Massagers have been used by more professionals in more countries around the world than any other massager.

The Thumper product is MADE IN CANADA, built to last, and engineered to bring you results. So, whichever Thumper model you choose we know you will be thoroughly pleased.


Creating Healthy Bodies for Healthy Work Enviroments

Poor posture, weak core muscles, back pain, reduced blood flow and poor concentration are just a few of the consequences of sitting all day every day. Typical ergonomic chairs provide support but since they keep the body in a static position, postural muscles begin to tire and weaken after a short period of time. Rigid chair = rigid back. Not all stability ball chairs are created equal. The Evolution Chair has key design features that set it apart from other stability ball chairs.






From Free Weights to Fitness Balls, and Suspension Systems to Hand Grips, we have a wide selection of Fitness Accessories all at the lowest online prices. Big city selection and pricing - small town service!



If you're looking for a quality fitness product at a lower price, maybe one of our certified pre-owned products would be a good match for you. Remember to check back or give us a call to find out about new arrivals!