VR500 Pro Rowing Machine

One of the best "out of water" rowing experiences

The BODYCRAFT VR500 Pro Air and Magnetic resistance rower represents over a decade of research and development and incorporates all the latest technology and long standing consumer requests resulting in one of the finest rowing simulators ever created..




VR400 Pro Rower Machine

Elite rowing experience meets spiffy fold-up features

Sharing many of the same features as the VR500, the VR400 takes a step towards simplicity with the manual resistance controls. Set your resistance and go! Its as simple as that.


VR200 Rowing Machine

Smooth rowing and space conscious design

The BODYCRAFT VR200 Air and Magnetic resistance rower shares many of the same features as its bigger brother the VR400 but boasts a smaller more compact size ideal for someone dealing with space constraints. The VR200 features a built in cooling fan...