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Who we are and what we do…

Our business outline

2023 is our 35th Anniversary as a second-generation family owned and operated business. We have been fortunate to have helped thousands of people both locally and throughout Canada. We provide quality products for fitness enthusiasts to use at home, and we also provide professional and commercial products for gyms, hospitals and clinics.

Our business is quite different from other fitness stores. What we do for people is evaluate their goals and concerns, and then work with them on a customized health and fitness plan/program to help them address their needs. There are 7 Essential Product categories that we include in a balanced fitness program. They are: Cardiovascular Products, Strength Machines, Water Therapy Spas, Saunas, Massage Chairs, Whole Body Vibration Platforms and Inversion/Oscillation Tables.

We are fortunate to offer our valued clientele one of the largest selections of quality fitness and wellness products in Canada. We are not just a website! Our main store and office is located at 202 Main St. W., Listowel Ontario. Our 10,000 sq. ft. Retail Superstore is located in the renovated Fergus Marketplace, a large historic building on the banks of the beautiful Grand River at 105 Queen St. W., Fergus Ontario. To complement that we have a significant online presence with multiple websites providing e-commerce convenience. In total we have about 25,000 sq. ft. between our Listowel and Fergus stores, with hundreds of quality health and fitness products for people to come in and try out. We believe it’s essential for people to try out products and to compare products before they purchase, so they feel comfortable with their investment decision long-term. 

Many of our clients feel that where you buy a product is more important than the type of product you buy, because it's up to the dealer to stand behind the product. That's why so many people purchase products from us, because of our high quality products, our Best Value Guarantee, our valuable education and training, and because of our service ability to stand behind our products. We're not here just to help you chose the right product,(s) but also to help you build your fitness and health program for yourself and your family.

So, come to one of our stores and you will be impressed with our extensive range of products, from Cardiovascular Products and Strength Machines to Saunas, to Therapy Hot Tubs, Swim Spas and Professional Massage Chairs, to Vibration Platforms and Inversion Tables and everything in-between. When it comes to your health and fitness needs we have everything you need to help you and your family dramatically improve your health and fitness potential.

We are priviledged to work with some of the best manufacturers in the industry: TRUE FITNESS, OCTANE, BODYCRAFT, INADA, HUMAN TOUCH, PANASONIC, LURACO, DKN, POWERPLATE, TEETER, SOFTUB, SUNRISE SPAS, SOLEXX and SAUNACORE.



Get to know us

We have been involved in health and fitness for over 40 years, and 2023 is our 35th Anniversary as a second-generation family owned and operated business. Philip is a Registered Nutritionist, Muscle and Joint Therapist, and Fitness Trainer. Mary and our 4 young people (Priscilla, Elizabeth, Stephen and Lois) are all Fitness and Health Advisors, and work full time in the family business.

We started our own home gym over 40 years ago, and we still have most of the original equipment today. We've added to our gym over the years and have invested in almost every health and fitness product available. We use all of the products from the 7 essential areas that we cover with our clients. So, not only have we had many years of experience working with these products with our clients, but we also enjoy using all of these products ourselves. We personally feel that investing in our health and fitness is one of the best investments we can make.

Philip Legge

Health and fitness products not only change your life, they can save your life! This is something we have experienced firsthand, and it's one of the main reasons we are so zealous in helping others to be good stewards of their health. A person can abuse and neglect what they have been given and become a burden to others, or they can maintain and even enhance what they have been given so they are a benefit and inspiration to others. We feel that it is our duty to take care of what we have been given, and to work towards being the very best that we can be in life. This is our family goal, and we would welcome the opportunity to help you make that your own personal goal too.


Our Philosophy & Mission Statement

Our business philosophy is to provide people with the highest quality health and fitness products in the marketplace, and to complement that with education and training so they can get the optimum benefits from the products they purchase. We help people identify their need and goals and then work together on a plan or strategy to help them improve their health and fitness potential. We teach people a little bit about anatomy and physiology so they can make informed choices about which products would be a priority for them.

Our mission in business and in life is to establish and maintain healthy relationships with people, that are built on mutual trust and respect. Our business is all about creating and building relationships with our clients so that we can help them on an on-going basis with their long-term health and fitness goals. We are committed to helping you reach your potential in life! If you would like to work with us on your health and fitness plan, please contact us. We would welcome the opportunity to help you and your family on your fitness and health journey! Connect with us today!