Zero Gravity Chairs

The Perfect Chair
by Human Touch

The Human Touch vision was to create a Zero Gravity Chair so extraordinary, it deserves to be called the Perfect Chair. By skillfully blending contemporary architecture with old-world craftsmanship, we laid the foundation for the chair’s bold yet classic look. The Perfect Chair’s body-frame ergonomics are inspired by the neutral body posture chaise position developed by NASA to support astronauts during their ascent into orbit. The Perfect Chair embodies the latest research and smart ergonomics that promotes relief from back pain. Anyone who suffers from back pain knows how debilitating it can be, and how difficult it is to find relief. The Perfect Chair is an advanced solution for the relief of back pain. As the Perfect Chair reclines, the muscles instantaneously start relaxing. When the chair reaches neutral posture there is a huge reduction in the state of muscle irritation, establishing objectively that the Perfect Chair promotes spinal health. 

How can you improve upon Perfection?






The PC-610 Omni Motion
Perfect Chair

The human body is naturally balanced, graceful and beautiful. The PC-610 Omni-Motion Classic gives you the power to independently position your recline angle and leg elevation for the most versatile Perfect Chair yet. 







The PC-420 Manual Motion
Perfect Chair

Escaping gravity's adverse effects is as easy as leaning back in the chair. A concept that is simply brilliant and effective.






Why could a Perfect Chair change the way you sit?