The Softub 300 M.E.D. Spa

The Softub 300 M.E.D. Prestige Spa

This is our customer's top pick! Experience the ultimate in Hydrotherapy with an outer diameter of 6.5 feet and about 24 inches of water depth all the way across the width of the spa. Did you know that in about 2 feet of warm water people can lose up to 90% of their effective body weight? This is a tremendous benefit to the muscles and joints, and critical pressure points. The Softub 300 has nearly 40% more area and water volume than the Softub 220.

   The Softub 300 Prestige features double stacked, dual action therapy jets. From a therapy standpoint, the Softub 300 Prestige is the most beneficial, user-friendly, portable, economical and affordable therapy spa on the market. If a person had the means, this is the ideal Softub even for one person. Some people can literally float right out in the middle of the spa - it's that spacious. Truly, a must see!



Capacity     1-6
Hydrotherapy Jets     7
Black or Blue Liner     No
Patterned Liner     Yes
Multi Coloured LED Lighting     Yes
Built In Ozone Unit     Optional
Therapy Seat:     Yes
Bi-fold Lid with Locking Straps:      Yes
Voltage     110 V
Compliance     CETL
Upholstery     LeatherTex Marine Grade Vinyl
Inner Shell     Polybond Foam
Water Capacity     1135 Litres/300 Gallons
Depth     69 cm/27 in
Outer Diameter     198 cm/78 in
Inner Diameter     168 cm/66 in
Weight: Tub (empty)     39 kg/85 lb
Weight: HydroMate     18 kg/40 lb
Weight: Bi fold Lid     11 kg/24 lb

Everything is included... No Hidden Costs!


Here is what you will get with your Softub package:

- Softub Therapy Spa

- HydroMate Power Pak (1.5 hp)

- Bi-fold Thermal Lid (lockable)

- 5 Year Warranty

- Years of hot water enjoyment!














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For your Information...

We offer a unique selection of natural water treatment options, such as; Simple Silver (colloidal silver), Natural Enzymes and Hydrogen Peroxide. Not only are these products safe and healthy for you and your family, but they are also inexpensive and extremely effective. That means clear, healthy, low-maintenance water, so that you can spend more time enjoying your Softub Spa and less time taking care of your Spa!