Softub Testimonials

“I just wanted to let you know we use the Softub 3 or 4 times per week and prefer it over the hot tub we had because we can move around. It also looks great in the snow and stood up extremely well.”

- Martin & Maddy Johanns (Elora, Ont.)


“We love our Softub. We use it everyday, and sometimes twice a day. It was easy to set-up and just as easy to maintain. After an evening soak we both have a great sleep. I tracked energy use for the Softub and calculated it used an additional 218 KWHS per month that equates to $14.00 per month. That’s not much at all for the enjoyment it brings. We are a very satisfied customer. The staff at Legge Fitness Stores were great!”

- Rick & Linda Schroeder (Fergus, Ont.)


“We would like to thank you for the courteous and very professional service we received from you when we purchased our Softub Therapy Spa. By asking questions, you helped us decide which model would best meet our family’s needs. The installation and set-up were done very quickly and all our questions were answered enabling us to be able to actually use the Spa within a very short time. Our whole family is thoroughly enjoying the use of the Softub Therapy Spa and we are very pleased with the quality of the product we have purchased.”

- Don & Gillian Smith (Orton, Ont.)


“We are very pleased with our purchase of the Softub 300 Prestige. We are even more pleased with the customer service we received from Stephen at Legge Fitness Stores. We were provided delivery to our address in BC for a very reasonable cost. Delivery was prompt and we were kept informed of the status of the delivery by Stephen himself. Although given a very good price by Stephen, he honored Legge’s Lowest Price Guarantee when we were lucky to find the same item elsewhere at a lower price. Legge Fitness Stores offer great products and even better customer service. Thanks.”

- Wayne & Tracey Robinson (Lillooet, BC.)


“I love my new Softub. Thank you for the helpful and knowledgeable service I received during the process of purchasing my new Softub and for making my first Softub purchase an easy and pleasant experience. I also want to thank you for taking the time to send out a Thank You Card. I certainly would not have received one if I purchased a hot tub from Costco or Sears. A Thank You card speaks volumes about your caring nature."

- Helen Small (Lucknow, Ont.)


“Since we got the Softub 300 from Legge Fitness, my daily pain levels have been reduced by half! The heat just seeps into sore muscles and relaxes them. I've had chronic pain for a number of years now, and whenever I feel the pain rising I take a 10 minute soak and the pain is gone. The Softub is so easy to maintain and it feels great knowing that we are helping the environment by using few chemicals to keep the water clear. The cost to heat the water indeed has been minimal. Our Softub has been great for our marriage too, giving us the excuse to relax together every evening under the stars. I can't imagine going back to life without our Softub!”

- Geoff & Karen Mansfield (Kitchener, Ont.)


“I have had a hot tub for 15 years. The Softub I recently purchased is better than the acrylic hot tubs I had. Sitting on the Softub floor lets me massage my upper neck, shoulders, and back, allows for tub exercise, and I can massage my feet at the same time. The Softub has turned out to be an excellent purchase.”

- Walter Stevens (Rockwood, Ont.)


“Stephen, as you know, Helen and I are extremely pleased with our Softub 300 Prestige Hydrotherapy Spa. At the time of our purchase, I was barely able to walk due to Rheumatoid Arthritis, but did so with the use of two canes. Since then, my mobility has improved dramatically as have the deep excruciating pains in most of my body. Of course I take pain relievers and other medication but I attribute much of my improvement to the Spa. I ache most when I get up in the morning. That is when I get into the Softub and when I experience the most relief. There is a marked difference in my mobility and pain reduction between when I get into the tub and when I get out. Most days I use the tub two or three times. I look forward to this treatment and wouldn’t be without it.

Rheumatoid Arthritis is a very painful and debilitating disease. I am not cured and probably never will be, but I feel much better and am able to function. It is my hope that others with this or similar conditions, will give the Softub Hydrotherapy Spa a try and have the same results as I have experienced. Furthermore, I would like to thank you and the rest of the Legge family for all your help from delivery and setup, to all the advice you gave on balancing the water. The service and follow-up was exceptional. Wishing you all the best in your endeavors.”

- George & Helen Grainger (Elmira, Ont.)


“We have never owned or used a Softub before this purchase, but I would never own anything else now! We have been so pleased with the comfort and convenience in maintenance. Our family are all active people – runners, cyclists, horseback riders – and personally I have had various muscle and tendon ailments. The Softub has been a wonderful means to relax and “work out the kinks” after exercise. It’s also a great way to unwind after work and a fun way to socialize as well. It looks great, there are no hard edges and it is so easy to look after. It’s also reassuring to know how healthy it is without the harsh chemicals that are needed in pools or other hot tubs.

We had been halfheartedly looking at hot tubs, but when we came to Legge Fitness Stores we were so impressed with the total conviction, enthusiasm, helpfulness and knowledge of the staff, the friendliness, the quality and range of the merchandise (not to mention the good incentives) – well we couldn’t resist buying the biggest Softub and we are completely happy that we did. We are thoroughly pleased with Legge Fitness Stores and fully recommend them to anyone looking for hot tubs or their extensive line of high quality health equipment. They have made a wonderful difference in our life. Thanks again to Stephen and all the staff!”

  - Christopher and Rosemary Stearns (Hamilton, Ont.)


“I have just purchased my Softub 300 Prestige and I am extremely happy with it. Same day delivery and setup by very knowledgeable owners was just the start of my experience. I have had pain in one leg, but since using the Softub for half an hour to an hour daily, I have noticed very little pain and I have increased mobility. It is relaxing but also energizing, and I find the exercises I do in it have also helped relieve the pain in my legs and knees. The feeling of being in the Softub watching the stars or the rain is so relaxing and warm. It just makes me wish I had bought it earlier!”

- Shirley Lynch (Listowel, Ont.)


“We have found that our Softub really relaxes us and makes us feel so good…I used to have a very sore shoulder which prevented me from reaching up or back, but since using our Softub everything has loosened up. We wouldn’t want to be without our Softub!”

- Eileen and Vic Smith (Stratford, Ont.)


“We purchased out “two person” Softub five years ago and consider it to be one of the best purchases we have ever made. After a hard days work, whether summer or winter, when my muscles are aching, ten minutes in the Softub leaves us totally relaxed.”

- Bob and Marilyn French (Mitchell, Ont.)


“We love our Softub. It is so easy to care for, and upkeep cost was negligible. We also really liked the “open” concept (only one molded seat) and our family of five spent a lot of time hanging out together. I would highly recommend a Softub to anyone.”

- Frank & Joanna Braun (Listowel, Ont.)

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