Softub 300 Therapy Spa

The Softub 300 Prestige features double stacked, dual action therapy jets. From a therapy standpoint, the Softub 300 Prestige is the most beneficial, user-friendly, portable, economical and affordable therapy spa on the market. If a person had the means, this is the ideal Softub even for one person. Some people can literally float right out in the middle of the spa - it's that spacious. Truly, a must see!


Product Information

1. PORTABLE – All SOFTUBS weigh less than 90lbs, so they can be moved by one person, and can roll through a standard door.
2. CONVENIENT – SOFTUBS plug into any standard 110V 15amp outlet so you can conveniently place it wherever you want.
3. ENERGY EFFICIENT – Softub’s Patented HEAT CONVERSION system makes it affordable to own a SOFTUB compared to other tubs. 
4. COMFORTABLE – Constructed of a soft, yet durable patented material called, POLYBOND. 
5. EASY – No special surface required. No special tools or equipment, and no special plumbing or electrical hook-up.
6. CLEAN – SOFTUBS large 1” diameter plumbing and jets allows you to keep your SOFTUB clean with fewer chemicals. Save hundreds of dollars every year compared to other tubs. 
7. THERAPEUTIC – Powerful, adjustable 1” diameter hydro jets are strategically placed to deliver therapeutic, massaging streams of water. SOFTUBS are used by professional sports teams, Olympic teams, and therapists as the ideal hydrotherapy spa.
8. AFFORDABLE – Over a 20 year period a Premium SOFTUB is less than a dollar a day.
9. CANADIAN MADE – SOFTUBS have a proven track record of success and reliability, and have been hand-built in Ontario for over 30 years.
10. WORLDWIDE – Sold in over 30 countries worldwide, so there is no question why the SOFTUBS are truly a Canadian Success Story!


Size Softub 300 (5-6 People)
Description The Softub 300 hot tub is the most popular with a capacity of up to 6 people, it offers enough space for the entire family to relax in comfort.

Included in each Softub package is your Softub Hot Tub, the HydroMate Power Pak (1.5hp), a Folding Thermal Cover with Locking Devices, and a 5 Year Limited Warranty. Add a Surround or choose from our many accessories to have the ultimate Softub experience.
Capacity 4-6 People
Outside Diameter 78" (inches)
Inner Diameter 66" (inches)
Height 27" (inches)
Tub weight (empty) 80 lbs 
Lid Weight 30 lbs
Motor weight 20 kg
Hydromate Weight 40 lbs
Filled Weight 2744 lbs
Water Volume 1137 L
Underwater LED lighting Lightcolour LED
Number of massage jets 7 Jets
Electrical connection 110V 60 Hz, 11 A
Surrounds Boca Surround (300 Model), Wood Deck Surround (Softub 300)
Dimensions 200*69 cm
Material LeatherTex & Syntex