Pfenning's Organic Veggies & Fruits

Every week we receive a fresh shipment from Pfenning's Organics, a third generation family farm that grows, packs and distributes organic produce across the province. They have been in business since 1981 and have 700 acres of organic vegetables and fruits near New Hamburg, Ontario. 

Also, when you buy local, organic foods you’re supporting our natural farming heritage and economy, instead of giving your money to international, Big Ag and Big Food.

Please scroll through the picture gallery to see a sample of some of the items available, and scroll down to see a list of just some of the items you might see when you walk into our Listowel or Fergus stores. You can also sign up for our weekly organic produce list, by clicking the gold button above!


Product Information


We all know the importance of eating our veggies, but they are not all created equal! More and more “foods” are a GMO (genetically modified organism), laced with toxins and pesticides. Do we really want all that “stuff” in our veggies, and in our body?

Organic agriculture sustains and enhances the health of the soil, plants, animals, humans and the planet. This is a different process than farming with chemicals and GMO’s, but in the long-term it is worth it for all of us!

But how do you really know it’s organic? That’s why it’s good to know your grower, because it’s all about trust. Having a local family-owned business, like Pfenning’s Organics in New Hamburg, ON since 1981, is ideal.


This is a general list, and selection changes from week to week. Please CLICK HERE if you would like to get weekly email updates on our fresh shipments of organic produce with current pricing. We will always offer low pricing on our organic foods, so fresh, tasty, local and organic is available for you!

Organic Apples 
Organic Asparagus – ONTARIO 
Organic Avocados – 
Organic Bananas – Fairtrade Equifruit 
Organic Beets – Red USA        
Organic Broccoli – USA             
Organic Cabbage – Green Pfenning’s ONTARIO                          
Organic Carrots – Pfenning’s USA                                                           
Organic Cucumber – English ONTARIO                                       
Organic Dates – Medjool ISRAEL                                            
Organic Dill – Herb Baby USA                                                        
Organic Garlic – Green Pfenning’s ONTARIO                               
Organic Ginger – Yellow                                         
Organic Grapefruit – Ruby USA                                                      
Organic Kale – LARGE Lacinato / Tuscan ONTARIO                   
Organic Kiwi – Green ITALY                                                          
Organic Kohlrabi – Green ONTARIO                                                
Organic Lemons – USA                                                                 
Organic Lettuce – Romaine USA                                                    
Organic Lettuce – Spring Mix ONTARIO                                      
Organic Mango – Tommy Atkins MEXICO                                                       
Organic Mushrooms Dried – Shiitake / Maitake ONTARIO       
Organic Oranges – Mandarin USA                                                   
Organic Oranges – Navel USA                                                       
Organic Oranges – Valencia                                     
Organic Potatoes – NEW Yellow                                       
Organic Radish – Red ONTARIO                                                    
Organic Radish – Watermelon ONTARIO                                    
Organic Rutabaga – Pfenning’s ONTARIO                               
Organic Spinach – Pfenning’s ONTARIO 
Organic Strawberries - Pfenning's ONTARIO
Organic Tomatoes – Cherry Red ONTARIO                                                          
Organic Tomatoes – Hot House Beefsteak ONTARIO               
Organic Tomatoes – Large Vine ONTARIO                                   
Organic Yams – (Sweet Potatoes) Purple Skin Murasaki #1 USA
Organic Yams - (Sweet Potatoes) Small ONTARIO