Organic Veggies

We're not just fitness. We're about real health and wellness for the whole person. Our family cares about your family’s health and well-being. What we eat matters, now more than ever. Food is not neutral. What we put into our body can either contribute to "illness" or create "wellness". 

So, that's why we are very excited to be offering our clients local, organic produce at Special Pricing, to make fresh, healthy and tasty food available for everyone. 


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We all know the importance of eating our veggies, but they are not all created equal! More and more “foods” are a GMO (genetically modified organism), laced with toxins and pesticides and most recently, vaccines. Do we really want all that “stuff” in our veggies, and in our body?

Organic agriculture sustains and enhances the health of the soil, plants, animals, humans and the planet. This is a different process than farming with chemicals and GMO’s, but in the long-term it is worth it for all of us!

But how do you really know it’s organic? That’s why it’s good to know your grower, because it’s all about trust. Having a local family-owned business, like Pfenning’s Organics in New Hamburg, ON since 1981, is ideal.

Also, when you buy local, organic foods you’re supporting our natural farming heritage and economy, instead of giving your money to international, Big Ag and Big Food.



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We will always offer low pricing on our organic foods, so fresh, tasty, local and organic is available for you!