Organic Dairy & Drinks

We are fortunate to offer a wide selection of local, organic and specialty brands, including:

L'Ancetre Butter and Cheese from Quebec

Pinehedge Organic Kefir, Sour Cream and Yogurt from Ontario

Opport-EWE-nity Local Non-GMO Sheep Milk Yogurt and Cheese from Ontario

LIVE Organic Kombucha from Guelph, Ontario

Frogpond Organic Raw & Fermented Grapejuice from Niagara, Ontario

Capella Meadows Organic Goat Cheese near Brussels, Ontario

Scroll through the pictures on the left and the item list below for a sample of the products available in-store!

Product Information

This is a general list, and selection can change from week to week. Click here to get our weekly email updates on fresh shipments of organic produce and other foods.

Organic Butter – L’Ancetre Salted OR Unsalted QUEBEC     

Organic Cheese – Capella Goat Cheddar ONTARIO                   

Organic Cheese – L’Ancetre Cheddar Aged 5yr QUEBEC         

Organic Cheese – L’Ancetre Cheddar Extra Old QUEBEC          

Organic Cheese – L’Ancetre Curds                                                 

Organic Cheese – L’Ancetre Emmental QUEBEC                        

Organic Cheese – L’Ancetre Feta Block QUEBEC                       

Organic Cheese – L’Ancetre Gouda aged 6 months QUEBEC    

Organic Cheese – L’Ancetre Mozzarella QUEBEC                       

Organic Cheese – L’Ancetre Raclette Sliced QUEBEC                

Organic Grapejuice – Red and White Frogpond ONTARIO      

Organic Kefir – Pinehedge ONTARIO                                           

Organic Kombucha – Lem.Gin.Lav./Chaga/Orange Oolong     

Organic Paste – Chili Pepper                                                            

Organic Sour Cream – Pinehedge ONTARIO                                 

Local Sheep Milk – Greek Yogurt                                                  

Local Sheep Milk - Cheddar Cheese OR Herb & Garlic