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Introducing the revolutionary Intellibed with Gel Matrix. Intellibed is optimized to give you the deepest, most healthy and restorative sleep possible. Other beds on the market force you to make a trade-off—either firm OR soft—but you could never have the benefits of both. For the first time, Intellibed provides the back-supporting benefits of a firm mattress AND the deep, restorative, comfortable sleep of a soft one. Now you can put compromise to rest, with all the benefits of a firm back-supporting mattress, along with the comfort of a soft, cushiony, pressure-relieving bed. Founded in 2000, Intellibed is known as the world’s most advanced mattress manufacturer. Intellibed’s patented next-generation Gel Matrix™ technology promotes the three keys to healthy sleep; good posture-support, pressure point relief and a healthy sleep environment. Intellibed’s products are made in the USA in their Salt Lake City headquarters.

The most amazing feature of every Intellibed gel mattress is neatly stitched inside. It’s our Gel Matrix™ layer, a medical-grade cushioning technology designed by sleep scientists to provide equal parts support and comfort. Gel Matrix™ is three times firmer than typical foam mattresses, yet it’s soft and relieves pressure better than any other mattress made. The result is a seemingly impossible balance of firmness to support your back and softness to comfort hips and shoulders.

We form our Gel Matrix™ layer into a grid of hollow columns, like a flexible ice-cube tray. The columns progressively buckle under increasing pressure. We call it Dynamically Adaptive Cushioning™. It responds to your every part of your body, head to toe, giving you just the right amount of support where needed and softness where wanted.








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