The Dreamwave by Family INADA



The Dreamwave by INADA

An Immersion Into Total Relaxation

Meet the new INADA Dreamwave. The successor to the most comprehensive Massage Chair in the world, the Dreamwave enhances natural healing and wellness through the power of deep muscle massage. Featuring over 1,200 square inches of body coverage, 100 air compression cells, 3 dimensional deep muscle massage system, patented body scanning technology, exclusive hip rotation, and Japanese engineering. The result is a truly transforming experience that accelerates healing, reduces stress, and promotes improved health and youthfulness.


Watch Stephen Legge from Legge Fitness Superstores in a video presentation of the World Famous DREAMWAVE Massage Chair:






  • Full Arm Massage – The Dreamwave from Inada brings some changes that push this chair forward when it comes to advanced massage technology, propelling it above the previous generation Inada Sogno.
  • Massage Programs – The Dreamwave features 8 new Deep Relaxation programs, bringing the total number of massage programs to 16. This means that you have the perfect massage no matter what your needs are, and you can be sure you have more massage options than any of the competitors. These new deep relaxation sessions, focus on long, smooth strokes, creating a more relaxing massage experience.
  • Longer Massage – The new Dreamwave also allows for 2 consecutive massage sessions, meaning you can combine any of the 16 programs to create your own perfect massage.
  • Auto Recline – The chair also now auto-reclines at the session start, placing you in the ideal starting position for the massage. The auto recline allows for a 2-second pause function if needed, and allows you to stop programs mid-way through with the “Interrupted Massage Auto Restore” function.
  • Quicker Starts – The chair is also now capable of starting a massage without a full-body scan, meaning you can instantly begin a massage, useful if you are severely strapped for time.
  • Added Heat – Heat is now available in the back and seat of the chair, and each heater is independently adjustable.
  • Increased Maximum Air Pressure – Increased maximum air pressure in the chair’s massage chambers allows for a more intense massage and insulation has been improved to allow for a quieter chair.
  • Shiatsu Inserts – Shiatsu inserts provide an acupressure massage to the feet, and are more effective than the rollers used previously.
  • Even more comfort – Armrests in the Dreamwave feature more advanced and complex movements, while the added bicep padding improves comfort for smaller users.


Dreamwave & Deep Relaxation Dreamwave
approx 15 minutes

For complete relaxation, this program incorporates a gentle, undulating figure-eight motion that replicates the way a massage therapist balances the body during a Shiatsu massage session. Using this program after any massage regulates muscle balance.
Press and hold for Deep Relaxation Dreamwave that focuses on longer and smoother strokes

Stretch & Deep Relaxation Stretch
approx 8 minutes

The most complete and effective in the industry, this program offers a comprehensive series of back and torso stretching, using sequenced air and mechanical movements to extend, flex, gently rotate and stretch the shoulders, back and hips.
Press and hold for Deep Relaxation Stretch for longer, smoother strokes and a more relaxing stretch program

Full Body Air & Deep Relaxation Full Body Air
approx 15 minutes

Extremely relaxing full-body massage using all 101 air cells.
Press and hold for Deep Relaxation Full Body Air

Full Body & Deep Relaxation Full Body
approx 15 minutes

A complete full-body massage, carefully choreographed to relieve back tension and muscle fatigue. Targets key acupressure points with synchronized and counter motion robotic hands and pinpoint air cells.
Press and hold for Deep Relaxation Full Body for an incredibly relaxing full body massage

Youth & Deep Relaxation Youth
approx 8 minutes

With 39% of youth reporting back pain in any given month, this program is specifically designed for them. Delivers a softer massage, creating a gentle sensation to reduce the stress on young people’s bodies.

Press and hold for Deep Relaxation Youth to help relax the younger ones

Quick & Deep Relaxation Quick
approx 8 minutes

Provides a quick overall healing massage for those with little time.
Press and hold for Deep Relaxation Quick, focusing on long, smooth strokes

Morning & Deep Relaxation Morning
approx 15 minutes

An invigorating “centripetal” massage that works to stimulate the muscles and body, by focusing on moving blood toward the centre of the body. A great way to start the day.
Press and hold for Deep Relaxation Morning to start your day awake yet relaxed


Evening & Deep Relaxation Evening
approx 15 minutes

A relaxing “centrifugal” massage designed to gently relieve tension and reduce the effects of the day’s stresses, by moving blood away from the centre of the body. A perfect way to wind down and prepare for sleep.
Press and hold for Deep Relaxation Evening, an even more relaxing way to wind down the day.




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