Dreamwave Testimonials


Name: Jamie & Wendy M. (Rockwood, Ontario)
Comments: “We adore our Dreamwave Massage Chair. It is a great addition to our Far Infrared Sauna and Teeter DFM Inversion Table. All of our Legge Fitness purchases are top of the line. Thank you for having such high standards in the products you carry. I have told every fitness person I know to go into your store and just experience the “Dreamwave.” I feel different. The Dreamwave is like having multiple people work on you at the same time. The Dreamwave addresses the sacrum, the pelvis in balancing, and the compression on hands, arms, legs and feet. It is marvellous. I wish every person could experience the Dreamwave on a regular basis. We would have a happy world.” 

Name: Paul & Sandra C. (Quispamsis, New Brunswick)
Comments: "We love our Dreamwave Massage Chair 100%. We had actually purchased two other massage chairs elsewhere, but they didn't have everything we were looking for. My wife was in Ontario visiting relatives and she tried out the Dreamwave at Legge Fitness Superstores in Listowel. She was very impressed with the Dreamwave and how wonderful it felt. When she got home and told me about it, we decided to order it and get Legge Fitness to ship it to us, even though I hadn't tried it myself. We use it every day and it's great! One thing I like about the Dreamwave is how comfortable it is to sit in, and sometimes I actually fall asleep in the chair after my massage! The Full Body Program is one of my favorite programs, but I also like the Quick Program, and the Dreamwave Program. My wife particularly enjoys the Dreamwave Program herself. That's another nice thing about the Dreamwave; it's got so many programs and features that you can really find the one you're looking for, depending on the day and the type of massage you want. We're very impressed with the service and advice that you gave us as well. You were patient during the decision making process and answered all of our questions so that we understood everything. I also really like the fact that the Dreamwave isn't made in China, like a lot of massage chairs. So, we're 100% happy with it!"

Name: Ron R. (Guelph, Ontario)
Comments: “My wife and I have just purchased our Dreamwave Massage Chair from Legge Fitness Superstores and it has been an incredible experience. We have owned it for about a week now, and already it has made a big difference in our life. After getting out of the Dreamwave, I notice a substantial reduction in the pain in my back. I used to have a dull ache pretty well all the time, but it's much better after using the Dreamwave, and usually lasts several hours. My wife finds it has helped her as well with her fibromyalgia.”

Name: John & Amelia M. (Clifford, Ontario)
Comments: "After trying the Dreamwave Massage Chair at Legge Fitness Superstores in Listowel for the first time, I knew it would help me. I was getting a massage from my husband pretty well every day, and I was also going for treatments at a massage therapist, but even after that first treatment in the Dreamwave I felt so much better... and it lasted several days. My husband had seen the article about the Dreamwave Massage Chair in a local magazine and thought that we should try it. Now after having the Dreamwave at home for a few months now, I'm very happy with the results. Both my husband and I are using it. John likes the “Dreamwave” program, and I really like the roller programs. I have noticed that my neck and shoulders are more relaxed, and even my daughters like to come over and use it."

Name: Dr. Bill & Hilde J. (Elora, Ontario)
Comments: “My husband and I are both enjoying our Dreamwave Massage Chair. My husband uses it for relaxation, for stretching before and after exercise like golfing and for sleep hygiene. The greatest benefit, which has been quite a surprise, has been one for pain management and swelling reduction to a knee on which he recently had surgery. My benefits are slower and more gentle. I’m still experimenting with it since I have fibromyalgia and I’m using it cautiously. However, for both of us it’s an excellent health investment.”

Name: Virginia F. (Cambridge, Ontario)
Comments: "My low back pain was basically gone in just a few treatments in this massage chair. It is a night and day difference. The chair has allowed me to continue gardening with vigour and without pain. My favourite massage programs for relaxing are the Night and Dreamwave programs."

Name: Marguerite B. (Mount Forest, Ontario)
Comments: "It's working out great with my new Dreamwave Massage Chair. I enjoy the Stretch program the best, because as we get older we tend to "fold up", and the Stretch program helps reverse this effect. I prefer the rollers to get deeper into the muscles and joints. I’m using it morning and night and really enjoying it."

Name: Don W. (Parry Sound, Ontario)
Comments: "I am using my TEETER DFM Inversion Table and Dreamwave Massage Chair usually every day, and sometimes twice a day. I often use the Massage Chair before getting on the Inversion Table, so that I can get the full benefit. I have found that these two products have eliminated my need for chiropractic and rehab treatments, and I am so impressed that I have recommended these products to others as well. People might underestimate the massage potential of the Dreamwave Massage Chair, because they think it's just some massage rollers and vibration. But once they try it, they begin to understand that it's like three massage therapists working on them all at the same time. There is absolutely nothing bad to say about these products. They are really awesome!"

Name: Kathie T. (Hanover, Ontario)
Comments: "We LOVE our Dreamwave Massage Chair! My Mother and I have both been using it on a regular basis, and I would say that my pain levels are down about 90%. Recently we have appreciated our Dreamwave especially so, because of the outside yard work we've been doing. I really find the Night program works well for me, and we have also started making our own customized massage programs. Even my boyfriend has tried it, and noticed that it helped reduce the swelling in his legs. He said that his legs haven't felt that good in a long time!"

Name: Jason & Ada S. (Elmira, Ontario)
Comments: "It's going real well with our new Dreamwave Massage Chair. We have 4-5 people using it about twice a week on average. I like the rollers the best and I also enjoy the neck and shoulder air massage. It sure does a good job. It feels so good, it's easy to fall asleep in the Chair! One daughter didn't know if she would use it much, but she's been enjoying it too. Another daughter was going about once a month to a massage therapist, but it wasn't frequent enough for her, and she was still having discomfort in between treatments. When she went back for her routine massage after using the Dreamwave at home, the therapist commented that for the first time they could get into some of the tight areas better." 

Name: Lloyd & Catherine R. (Mount Forest, Ontario)
Comments: "My husband and I wouldn't want to be without our new Dreamwave Massage Chair. You can buy other "massage/vibration chairs," we even have one, but they are totally different than this Massage Chair. It’s a night and day difference. If I hadn't have tried the Dreamwave, I wouldn't know how much it would help my body. One of the biggest improvements I've noticed is in my hips. Before we purchased the Dreamwave, I would have to change positions about every 15 minutes while lying in bed, because my hips would get so sore. But now I can lay a lot longer without pain. I really like the Quick Program for making my legs feel better. This Massage Chair has made such a difference in our life, that we definitely notice it if we don't use it one day. A lot of our family and relatives use it as well when they come over to our house."

Name: B. Litchy (Alma, Ontario)
Comments: “I'm using my Dreamwave Massage Chair every day and really enjoy the Full Body Program, and it helps my upper back. My mother has used it and enjoys it as well.”

Name: Keith & Maria S. (Conestoga, Ontario)
Comments: "The Vibration Platform is the greatest thing since sliced toast! The DKN XG10 Pro Vibration Platform and Dreamwave Massage Chair are the two best pieces of equipment in our gym. I have noticed an increase in muscle mass already from using the Vibration Platform. My wife sits in a chair and puts her feet on the Vibration Platform and also uses the Dreamwave for her muscles and joints. They are both wonderful!"

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