Bodycraft Cardio Products



   We endorse the BodyCraft® brand of quality fitness equipment. Bodycraft was founded in 1994 on three simple foundations: delivering a high quality product for the consumer; making every machine fulfill multiple purposes; and putting it all together at an affordable price. Bodycraft's passion is to create the ultimate in safety, variety, design, and affordability. Every Bodycraft machine is built to fulfill each of those purposes!

   We have been using and recommending the Bodycraft product for about 15 years, and have helped hundreds of families achieve a higher level of health and wellness through their innovative and unique fitness tools. And with over 12 Bodycraft machines on display in our showrooms, and about 7 pieces in our own home, we have good reason to put our trust in Bodycraft. TESTED, TRIED AND PROVEN!

   While Bodycraft's designs have often been accepted as standard in the fitness industry, their ideas are proprietary and protected by patents.

   When you purchase a Bodycraft System from us, you’ll never have to worry about quality - no matter how much you use your equipment, it’s built for a lifetime. Bodycraft never compromises quality for price, and their warranties are proof of their commitment to you!






One of the best "out of water" rowing experiences available!







Beautiful and Flawless Rear-Wheel or Front-Wheel Drive Indoor Group Cycles!






High Quality, Compact Recumbent Bikes