7 Amazing Health Benefits of using an Infrared Sauna

1. A COMFORTABLE SAUNA EXPERIENCE – Heats moisture in the body to comfortably penetrate heat deep into the core of the body.

2. CALORIE BURN – Metabolize up to 600 calories per sauna session.

3. PAIN RELIEF – Relieve tension and soreness in all 400+ muscles and 200+ joints in your body in just minutes!

4. DETOXIFY – Efficiently cleanses the lymphatic (immune) system of heavy metals, chemicals and toxins.
5. FEEL HUGGED – 96% Far Infrared bathes you in warmth and comfort similar to sunlight, but without the UV.
6. LIFT YOUR SPIRITS – Far Infrared frequencies stimulate “happy hormones” in the glandular system to relieve stress, fatigue and depression.
7. HIPPOCRATES TAUGHT – “If you overheat the body, you can prevent or cure any disease.”